Deborah Kalas is…‘A published photojournalist who brings her talent for storytelling to the world of portrait photography.

She is unequalled at recognizing what makes her subjects unique, at finding their best angles and expressions, and capturing it all in beautiful photographs. Deborah knows how to make a photograph more than just a snapshot: the subtle nuances that evoke the feeling of childhood summer, a family’s special closeness, the heartfelt emotions of a wedding day, the tender relationship between a parent and baby. Deborah’s photos are works of art that are cherished and treasured forever.

Deborah Kalas has lived and worked in the Hamptons and in Palm Beach for over four decades. She has become an expert in shooting at so many of spectacular venues and beaches in the area.

Portrait Photography Sessions in The Hamptons and Palm Beach

Θ What if there is too MUCH sun or too LITTLE sun?

No problem, Deborah always has a plan to get just the perfect shots in EVERY light.

Θ Expecting gusts of wind on your shoot day?

Deborah has you covered… kites for the kids to fly!

Θ What if the weather changes at the LAST MINUTE?
Not an issue, Deborah always has a Plan B.

She makes it her goal to make Portrait Photography sessions fun and relaxed and a great experience for everyone… even your kids will love it.

Photography Sessions in The Big Apple (New York City of course...)

Do you live in New York City, or visiting the city that never sleeps? Deborah Kalas can uniquely capture the wondrous and magical atmosphere of New York City in portrait photographs. Expect that she will bring the same exceptional and unique blend of fun and beautiful photography to clients in New York, as she does at the beach or on location anywhere. She is supported by an experienced and expert team for each and every shoot. Her staff allows Deborah to focus on getting the great shots you are looking for and allows her to present her clients with wide array of magnificent shots and scenarios to choose from. Once you make your final selection, Deborah then skillfully retouches each moment, has them printed to last at archive quality, and finally they are lacquered – the way a fine work of art is prepared. Deborah is above all: professional, attentive to her clients and their needs, and has an extraordinary talent that has earned her the reputation as one of America’s top portrait photographers.

Choose Deborah Kalas Photography for:

  • Children’s Portraits
  • Family Portraits
  • Baby Portraits and Photography
  • Newborns
  • Weddings
  • Beaches Sessions
  • Corporate Photography & Headshots
  • Equestrian Portrait and Action Photography
  • Sports Photography
  • Maternity Portraits
  • Architecture Photography