Equestrian Portraits High School Seniors


Equestrian portraits for High School seniors has become very popular. With my experience as a lifetime equestrian and as an equestrian photographer, I know how to work with the horses and their riders. Planning and preparation make the sessions flow more effortlessly.

  1. Make sure the horse is fed and well groomed. Do attend to those ears and whiskers.
  2. I like have several outfit changes so bring along a variety from very casual to more formal attire.
  3. Have a groom to help manage the horse and keep him or her calm between clothing changes. Horses do like to take advantage of beautiful green grass and eat it any chance they get.
  4. Another helper can get the horses attention when needed.
  5. Choose a location that has a variety of settings.
  6. Start in the late afternoon to end with golden light.
  7. Bring peppermints!!

 Having had a successful show career with this horse and many others, saying good-bye to a “best friend” is never easy. Feeling the weight of responsibility to create an enjoyable session and lasting memories for Amber, I was helped by her grace, beauty and connection with her horse.

Horse Portraits