Equestrian Photography

Equestrian Photography in the Hamptons and Palm Beach

Deborah Kalas is a master photographer and an equestrian in her own right. Photographing horses and their riders is not only one of her specialties; it is also one of her passions.


Every horse is unique and Deborah has the sensitivity to capture the spirit of each animal. As a rider and horse owner herself, she is uniquely qualified to record the essence of each animal and the special relationship between the horse and its human companion.


Whether you want to record the memory of a show, capture the excitement of a win, or to simply memorialize the splendor and beauty of your horse, Deborah is the equine photographer to turn to. She is a published photojournalist who understands horses, knows how to work with light, and what to do when unexpected things happen.


Deborah’s full-time staff supports her at the shoot, ensuring that you will be able to choose from a series of exquisite photographs. Your choices are then expertly retouched, printed archivally, and lacquered, as a fine work of art would be.


For Professional Equestrian Photography, Contact Deborah Kalas: Deborah’s clients know they can count on her attention to detail, her talent, and her professionalism. Simply put, Deborah Kalas delivers the kinds of photographs that have earned her the reputation as one of America’s top equestrian photographers.