Family Portraits

Family Portraits by Photographer Deborah Kalas

Deborah Kalas has a unique talent for capturing the essence of family. She can sense the special relationships between parents, grandparents and children and memorialize that love. She knows family portraits should be more than just snapshots. Everyone wants to look his or her best and have their special closeness documented, to be enjoyed year after year.


Sessions are well planned, and Deborah’s full-time staff supports her at every shoot. Outdoors, Deborah knows how to work with too little or too much sunshine, what to do when it’s windy, and how to make the most of out the spectacular photography venues and beach locations she secures.


Multigenerational Photo Sessions

Deborah specializes in photos of the family taken on the beach, at home and at historic locations; family reunions and extended family celebrations; and generational portraits. She knows that a good time breeds good photos, and even suggests you make it fun by bringing along cheese, crackers, fruit and wine for the adults.


Multigenerational shoots usually include individuals of each family. Knowing the short attention span of children, she begins with the families who have the youngest children.


Deborah also understands the challenges of some older family members. She will ask if anyone has difficulty walking and start in a location that is easiest for that person to get to. She will bring along a chair for their comfort in between shots.


When Family Portraits Become a Tradition

After the shoot, Deborah offers a full series of high-quality photographs from which to choose. Each choice is then carefully retouched, printed archivally and lacquered, exactly the way a fine work of art is prepared. Clients with children return year after year for their family portraits, and wedding couples often come back to start their own tradition with their young families.


Looking for a Specialist in Family Portrait Photography near NYC?

If you need a family portrait photographer in NYC, Florida or the Hamptons, Deborah Kalas is the right person. Call her at 800-432-1235 or contact her right away!