F A Qs

What should I wear?

I have a clothing guide I can send you. In short: lighter colors are better than darker. Avoid stripes, patterns, and logos. I want the viewer to concentrate on your expression instead of your clothing. Make sure babies wear bloomers and girls and women wear clothing you can sit easily in as well as stand. Bring a change of clothing for all children 12 and under. Please make sure the clothing fits properly. Sleeves or pant legs that are either too short or too long can clearly be seen in the photographs.

 For more on what to wear for your photo shoot:

Do I need to bring anything with me besides the clothing change?

For children, bring non-staining snacks like cheerios, pretzels, carrots or apple slices, plenty of water or juice to drink. Please no candy, the sugar makes it more difficult for children to focus on the tasks at hand.

Bring your child’s favorite sport toys; any balls, Frisbees, etc. I have some very natural props I bring along that they will enjoy, too.

Please try to feed your children before the session.

Do I need to wear make-up?

Wear what you normally would wear. I have several make-up artists I can recommend if you would like to have your make-up applied professionally and I have a make-up guide I am happy to send you.

Click here to request the Photo Session Make-up Guide

What happens if it rains?

I check the weather in advance and on the day of the session. I only schedule one afternoon/evening session per day, so if we have to move the start time earlier, I can. If necessary I drive to the beach several times to check for clouds and wind. And, if the light is flat and/or it rains, we’ll postpone to the next available afternoon/evening slot that is convenient for everyone.

Wind can often be a bigger problem than anything else and sometimes requires a change of location or day of the session. I want the weather to be pleasant for your photo session.

What if I think my child needs a haircut?

If this is the case, try to have the haircut one week before the session. It is good to give the hair a chance to grow a little bit and look natural.

What happens if my toddler falls and has a bruise or cut on their face?

The injury can usually be retouched out in the final product.

What if your start time is at my toddler’s bedtime?

I suggest having children nap as late as possible; then feed them when they wake up and come to the beach. Usually the fresh air wakes them up. I engage them to play and have fun; most children last more than an hour. Occasionally a toddler will say they have “had enough,” which of course means time is up!

What should I tell my children about the photography session?

Please tell your children that they are going to the beach to play and have fun. Please do not practice “Smile!” or “Say Cheese!” I prefer more natural expressions. If you want, think about things you can say, sing or do that might make your children laugh.

Bringing along caregivers can be very helpful if they can engage your child in play.

How long does the session take?

A full session ranges anywhere from over an hour to two or more hours depending on the number of people, the ages, the light, and the temperaments of the participants. I will shoot until there is no light left.

Can I bring my dog?

Yes, pets are welcome! It is a good idea to bring along a separate person to hold the dog when it’s not in the shot. That person can also help get the dog’s attention while we are shooting the whole family.

My in-laws are visiting; can I bring them along for a picture?

Yes, grandparents are always welcome. The first image I make will have everyone in it. That way they can just relax and watch the rest of the time as I move along through the shoot. Sometimes they may be called upon to help engage the child.

My sister is visiting with her family; can they have photographs too?

In order to have enough time to cover all I want to with your family, it is best to limit additional family members to one or two shots. If they want more than that, we can book a separate session to provide more in-depth coverage of each family.

My son is shy with new people, will that be a problem?

I like to begin the session with the whole family. The shy child will feel more relaxed in you or your husband’s arms. The first series of shots will have either you or your husband with your child, which will give your child time to get to know me and relax.

What do you do with a child who is very active and doesn’t like to sit still?

Not a problem. I like to photograph children who are active and playful. The session will begin with more candid shots. Usually, I am able to work in the rest of the family for photos of everyone together. These things can’t be rushed. One must be patient for the right moments.

What if my child has very fair skin and is sensitive to sunlight?

I like to photograph at dawn or late afternoon/early evening when the light is soft. I am very conscious of the direction of the light and do what is necessary to eliminate squinting with reflective light as needed.

Can we have the session at our beach?

If it is a beach I am unfamiliar with, I will check it first. I have favorite beaches in all of the towns. What I look for in a beach setting is: easy access to my shooting location, beach grass, sand dunes, rock jetties if possible, logs, a limited amount of people, and convenient and legal parking.

Is it ok to bring my camera along?

Other photography is very distracting while I’m working. Please refrain from bringing cameras or using iPhones or iPads.

When do I pay for the session?

The session fee is due at the time of the shoot. Checks are preferred.

When do I get to view the photographs?

The work is ready for you to view within 24 hours at my East Hampton studio. I prefer to have you come in to make your selections. At this presentation meeting, you will see 75- 125 photographs. I will help you narrow them down to your favorites.

By coming into the studio, I can change images to black & white, or sepia, or custom crop an image. I will show you all the different products available to purchase and explain the different ways we can finish a photograph.

All of our photographs are extensively retouched, printed archivally, and lacquered for long lasting protection. From there, you will make your final selections and determine how they will be finished.

Can I buy the files?

We will supply you with low-res images on a disc for the photographs you have chosen.

What happens to all of the files you took?

All of the original files are burned onto two archival discs. The images that are retouched are then burned two more times for the safe-keeping of the finished files. These files are stored in an organized safe environment that can be retrieved when necessary. We never discard files.

How long does it take to get our finished photographs?

January through June, most work is turned around very quickly. Come July and August where we are shooting every day, sometimes at dawn and dusk, production stops until after Labor Day. Orders are placed then processed in order of when they were paid for.

At the latest work is completed for Christmas deliveries at the latest and oftentimes well before that. I like to have all of my holiday cards in your hands by Thanksgiving.

I pay very careful attention to the final quality of the print, the frame, the book, and/or the holiday card that you might have chosen. If the product has an error anywhere, it is redone to my satisfaction.

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