Maternity Photography

Maternity Portraits by Photographer Deborah Kalas

The fleeting moments of childhood begin well before you hear your baby’s first coo. Though pregnancy lasts but a brief nine months, it is a profound point in any woman’s life that deserves to be remembered. A blossoming belly heralds the excitement and imminence of motherhood, and Deborah Kalas knows how to highlight that natural glow. Her maternity photography celebrates the beginning of life and the growing parent-child bond.


Deborah suggests scheduling sessions around 32 to 38 weeks and knows how to bring out the beauty of your changing body with sensitive posing and lighting. Locations are selected after consulting you about your preferences, taking special meaning and comfort into consideration. To tie in the mood of the session, Deborah will suggest ideas for clothing, too.


In addition to her classic belly shots and tender images of mom, Deborah understands the importance of getting the whole family involved. She encourages dad to join in the session, as well as any siblings. This is an exciting time for everyone, and the photo shoot should be a family affair.


Throughout the shoot, Deborah will get to know each person. Her relaxed, conversational personality helps put everyone at ease. Couples and children feel comfortable around her, and that comes through in the natural expressions she captures. She’ll find a loving look shared between parents, a nervous smile from a first-time dad and the playful energy of expectant brothers and sisters.


For your maternity photos, choose Deborah Kalas Photography.