Pet Photography

What is Pet Photography?

Pet photography captures this unique bond between pet and owner, a bond that is as strong as any family tie. And whether it’s a fluffy new litter of kittens or a stately companion who’s stood by your side for years, your animal friend deserves to be memorialized.


Just like people, pets have their own temperaments and personalities and need to be approached with respect. Deborah Kalas is a pet photographer extraordinaire. She can calm any animal and draw out its spirit in a heartfelt way. She can soothe an agitated dog, bring out the sweetness of the most aloof cat and touch the heart of a horse. Each pet portrait she creates captures the essence of the animal that often only the owner can see.


How to Prepare Photo Sessions with Your Pet

For more than thirty years, Deborah has created pet portraits that are beyond snapshots — they are cherished keepsakes to be enjoyed for years. Her photo sessions are fun and relaxed for everyone. She encourages you to begin by choosing a location with meaning. Once you start playing with your pet, the real magic takes hold. It’s hard to contain the smiles and laughs while running on the beach or rolling around in the sand with your companion.


A pet owner herself, Deborah advises clients to bring a handler along, in order to keep the attention of the animal. Favorite toys and treats also ensure cooperation. Other tips include coordinating clothing with your pet and environment, and getting your pet groomed the day of the shoot so that it looks its best.

With careful preparation and attention to detail, every attempt is made to assure that all goes smoothly. After the shoot, you are presented with a full series of images from which to choose. These pet portraits are then expertly retouched, printed archivally and lacquered for long lasting protection.


Ready to Have Your Pet Photographed?

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