Newborn Photography


Deborah’s ideal time to work with newborns is from four to ten days, when they are still malleable. You can wrap them in beautiful fabrics, adorn them with hats and headbands, and even put them in or on top of things and they won’t give you much fuss. Posing them with their hands under their chin or curled in a ball as they were in the womb is easier than when they are slightly older.


Up to six weeks, babies’ fingers and toes are still tiny, they may be resting better at night, and it’s a great time to bring in parents, siblings and even pets. From about two to eight months, there is more variety of expression, but until the baby can sit on his or her own, mom and dad need to be in the photographs.


After maternity and newborn sessions, you are presented with a series of portraits from which to choose, and Deborah will guide you through your photo selection. The images are then expertly retouched, printed archivally and lacquered for long-lasting protection. The finished products are special, treasured keepsakes that can be passed down to future generations and enjoyed forever.


For your newborn photos, choose Deborah Kalas Photography.