Young Love Photography


Maybe it’s a loving look or caring caress that captures your chemistry. Or maybe a playful romp on the beach better sums up your fun-loving relationship. No matter what type of couple you are, Deborah Kalas works hard to understand the connection you share and turn it into a cherished reminder of your love.


Her couples photography celebrates every relationship phase, from the sweet days of young love through the comfortable union built from being together for years. No matter what your age, she creates an environment that is fun and playful in order to create images that best portray your feelings toward each other.


Deborah begins the process by reaching out to get your story. She asks questions such as how you met and what places and things have special meaning for you. She wants to know what drew you together and what keeps you going. Her conversational personality and sense of humor make you forget you’re at a photo shoot, which helps you relax.


From a stolen kiss to whispered secrets, tender moments are captured in a natural way. She might catch you in a quiet moment strolling along the shoreline, zoom in for a close-up of you holding hands or have you look into each other’s eyes to bring out the sparkle in your relationship. She encourages younger and more active couples to run on the beach, get wet and climb all over each other. With older couples she seeks the perfect background and uses light to reveal their bonded relationship.


After the session, you are presented with a full series of portraits from which to choose. The final images are carefully retouched, printed archivally and lacquered for long-lasting protection, as any piece of fine art would be.


For your couples photos, choose Deborah Kalas Photography.